Thursday, September 01, 2005

Americans with huge hearts!!

I posted yesterday about how I was ashamed to be an American when the concern over gas prices took precedence over the concern for human lives.... Today, I am finding that I was a bit presumptuous in my anger.

If you follow the link below you will see an outpouring of personal and I believe heartfelt ads for assistance for those devastated by Katrina. These people are willing to open their homes to let Katrina victims live rent free in open apartments, spare bedrooms or other sources of housing that might otherwise be rented, sold or sit empty!

Today I am proud to be an American. I can't say that I would personally offer up a spare bedroom (I don't have one anyway) to someone that I don't know or wasn't personally recommended...guess maybe I'm a little ashamed to be me today?

For anyone that is interested, I have however offered my volunteer services to the American Red Cross for nursing relief work during this time of need. I'm sure that the medical personnel are tired, stressed and it is only going to get worse in the upcoming weeks as the water is pumped out of the city and the sickness and disease begins to spread due to mal-nutrition, poor living conditions and the like. I have not yet heard anything from the Red Cross but will keep trying....