Monday, July 18, 2005

2005 US Open Sand Castle Competition
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What a fun and interesting day: Trinity and I enjoyed the sights of the Sandcastle competition today at Imperial Beach. Imperial Beach hosts the competition every year and the crowd was huge. The sandcastles were amazing. After viewing the castles/creations we decided to walk the strip and enjoyed a huge piece of peperoni pizza for lunch. We bought San Diego ball for each of us. (I need one for those early morning walks with Aco when I have "bed-head") Then we lounged on the beach for a little while before trecking home. Tomorrow we are going to try to make it out to Coronado Island via the ferry....the to-do list is slowly getting completed. We made it to Mexico a couple of days ago, but forgot the camera so no pictures. It's pretty much the same here as it was in Progresso, only a little larger. Still just as dirty. We had lunch at a bar/club and enjoyed a couple of margarita's (trins were non-alcoholic).

Broadway Pier...the Harbor
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Omg...I can't believe that I was actually able to get a picture to post!! I am so excited! The picture/collage that you see is from Broadway pier and the harbor in San Diego. Trinity and I had a great time exploring the harbor. We saw a bunch of boats/ships both big and small and had fish-n-chips for lunch. Took a ride along the harbor on a bike-taxi which was fun and nice for the aching feet. The cruise ship was HUGE and the old war ships were awesome to see. Best of all was seeing the excitement in Trinity's face with each new discovery.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Recent Drama

I thought that the reasons for my going into travel nursing was to get as far away from the drama as possible. Well...somehow it isn't working. The past several weeks have been interesting to say the least. On June 23rd I received a note on my apartment door that my company had three days to pay my rent. Now, call me niave but I thought that since my company was taking money out of my weekly checks for housing that the housing cost's were actually being taken care of....silly me!! So, I contacted my company and they assured me that the issue was being taken care of and the rent was being sent federal express to the apartment complex. End of story....right?

Not quite...around the 2nd of July I recieved a letter from the court that the apartment complex is taking my company to court and is giving me a notice to vacate the premises. Again I phoned my company and this time they played stupid...claiming ignorance of the subject. I filled them in and forwarded a copy of the court paperwork to them and again was assured tthat the issue would be resolved promptly.

Here I sit almost a week later and I still dont know if I'm going to get escorted out of my apartment due to an eviction. I have been mulling it over in my mind and am not sure what path I should take in the matter.

Option #1 Hang out here and hope that the company pays the rent so that I dont get evicted or hope that I can finish my assignment prior to being evicted.

Option #2 Find another assignment in the Socal area and move into a new apartment and start a new contract, extending my time here in California by about 6-7 weeks.

Option #3 Tuck my tail between my legs and run home crying to "daddy"

I am planning to make some phone calls this morning and find out what is transpiring on the side of my company and see if they have yet to pay the rent. I have consulted with an attorney (or tried to) and going to try again tomorrow to get ahold of her to determine my best recourse. I would like to make this company "pay" for the undue stress that they have caused me and my family but of course....the good guy doesn't always win like they say. So....sitting and waiting....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Summer in San Diego

Wow! I cant believe that it has been almost a month since my last post. So much has happened that I dont know if I can remember and get it all out here, but I'll try. My trip home was good. Randall helped me pack up my storage and pack the moving truck. I drove that Monster all the way to Kendallville without killing myself or any innocents. Dad, Dad, Mom, Mary and Trinity helped me move into the new place in Kendallville. It's a small apartment and I had to be creative with my storage but I think it's going to work out great for me. It is so comforting to know that I have a "home" now.

Trinity only has 2 1/2 weeks left here with me and I am dreading her going back home. We have spent quite a bit of time at the beach and the dog beach. Our first day on the beach we went sand-dollar hunting thanks to a friendly local who showed us how....we found 10 complete and intact sand dollars in about an hour!! Trinity was soooo excited. We had a lot of fun. I have to be careful how long she is out in the sun though...that girl burns sooooo easily.

San Diego has a variety of "off-leash" parks for dogs and I have been hesitant to take Aco although wanting to very, while we were there one day, just checking things out we met Mia. She had a beautiful dog with her although I cant remember the breed and she convinced me to let Aco run free. The dogs had a great time running and playing with each other. Since that first day, we have been to the dog beach once or twice a week. I'm going to miss the beach when we leave. Aco has gotten more used to the surf and will actually get a little wet now with some coaxing with a frisbee or a ball!!

I almost feel bad that I havent' shown Trinity more of what San Diego has to offer but I have been so stressed you cant even begin to imagine. I will explain more of that a little later. Trinity and I have explored Balboa Park, watched the hang-gliders jump from the cliffs over LaJolla, walked LaJolla Cove, visited Scripps Aquarium, window shopped at the local mall, watched War of The Worlds in the front row the day after it released and have become addicted to Cold Stone Creamery!! We celebrated Trinity's birthday with Sushi for lunch and presents and cake from Cold Stone! I think she enjoyed herself. We went to Mt. Soledad with Clint, another Nurse traveler to watch the fireworks and had an awesome view of the city and the coast. We were able to see all three sets of fireworks from Coronado Island along with the ones from Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach and also Sea World. There with other scattered fireworks also. We played yatzee and mancala while sitting on a blanket waiting for the sun to set. It was the best sunset we have seen since we've been here.

There is still so much on our to-do list....Sea World, Old Town, Cabrillo National Monument, Little Italy, Mexico. I just dont know if we'll get it all done before she has to go. The best part of the summer so far is just having my family together....Corey swamped us at Yatzee one night getting 10 Yatzee's in a row!! Trinity and I spent about two hours last night working on the San Diego scrapbook. I love how it's coming along. Unfortunately for the first two weeks that Trinity was here we kept forgetting to take the camera along with us so we didn't get pictures of lots of things. I think we're making up for it now!!