Monday, July 18, 2005

2005 US Open Sand Castle Competition
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What a fun and interesting day: Trinity and I enjoyed the sights of the Sandcastle competition today at Imperial Beach. Imperial Beach hosts the competition every year and the crowd was huge. The sandcastles were amazing. After viewing the castles/creations we decided to walk the strip and enjoyed a huge piece of peperoni pizza for lunch. We bought San Diego ball for each of us. (I need one for those early morning walks with Aco when I have "bed-head") Then we lounged on the beach for a little while before trecking home. Tomorrow we are going to try to make it out to Coronado Island via the ferry....the to-do list is slowly getting completed. We made it to Mexico a couple of days ago, but forgot the camera so no pictures. It's pretty much the same here as it was in Progresso, only a little larger. Still just as dirty. We had lunch at a bar/club and enjoyed a couple of margarita's (trins were non-alcoholic).

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