Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mermaids all around Norfolk, VA

Ok, I realize that I haven't posted in something like four months. No excuse really, just haven't. Well...I'm back now!

I spent several months working in Cincinnati and met some great people. Imagine that...I meet wonderful people everywhere I've been. Marsha...love ya girl and let me know how things work out with the grandkids. Amy, where-ever you are or end up..good luck to you in your traveling and our paths will meet again.

So, where am I now? Portsmouth, Virginia. Not a great a place as you might imagine. Portsmouth is pretty run down and mostly ghetto. But Norfolk (norfik as the locals call it), right across the river is pretty nice.

I have signed up with an online dating service in hopes to enhance my social life and so far it's working out pretty good. I've actually only had one date from this but I have a couple others set up for the upcoming week so I'll let you know how things progress.

I'm working in one of the local Hospitals and so far it's ok. The hospital itself is a little in the "dark ages" still doing everything on paper and a little backwards in my opinion. But the patient load is good. Usually 5 or 6 patients to each nurse and a free Charge RN that actually does help you!

I dont have any recent pictures as my digital camera is broken and I haven't had the money to get it fixed or replaced yet. I hope to take care of this very soon. I'm dying here without being able to take any pictures!

Norfolk is full of mermaids!! Well, not real mermaids...did you think I lost my mind? They are actually artistic statues of mermaids. They are all over town! I dont know how many in total but they are all themed and named and have some cute stories behind them. Pretty cute, I think! I'm planning to go on a "mermaid hunt" at some point (hopefully with a camera in hand so I can capture the elusive creatures on film).

What else? Well, I have a second dog now. His name is Ridley and he is a Jack Russell/Greyhound mix...boy is he fast!! He is a little lover though. Loves to snuggle just as close as he can to you! I hope to get some pics of him soon too. He and Aco get along pretty good for the most part but sometimes...they drive me crazy!!

I think that's about all for now. I'll do better about keeping things updated.