Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Arrived in McAllen, TX

Two days in New day in Corpus Christi, day on South Padre I'm in McAllen!!! It's been a very, very long trip....but all is well. I LOVE my new apartment and the town seems good so far. Lots of Mexican's but they have been very polite so far and I dont feel as much like a minority as I thought I might. My recruiter sent me a boquet of flowers to brighten up the apartment (I thought it was a nice touch). Lisa and I are whipped!! I found my way around town and to work. Lisa helped me "set-up" the apartment and everything is in place and I feel like I am at home. Lisa fly's out Friday and Corey will be arriving in town Friday also...I miss that Brat!! I still have a hundred things that I need to finish up, but today was a day of rest!! Much needed, I might add!! I am hoping to post some pictures soon of the new place so keep an eye out....

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Trip update

Well....made it to Indiana!! I spent a wonderful 3 days in Kendallville with my daughter and family. It was so good to see Trinity. She is having a difficult time with me moving to a new place. She was a little tearful but I think that she is going to be fine in the long run. Hopefully she will get to visit me in March for Spring Break. From Kendallville, I was off to Southern Indiana....had a fun reunion with some of my friends/co-workers there. I only had a day and half there and had so much to do that I really didn't get to spend as much time with people as I had hoped but at least I got to see most everyone.

I had set up a get-together in both Kendallville and Louisville and it was interesting that my "home town" of Kendallville...none of my friends showed up and in Louisville...almost every one that I invited showed!! Guess maybe home isn't really Kendallville, huh?? There were a couple of friends that wern't able to make it in louisville and I wasn't able to see them but maybe next time will work out better.

I am now sitting in the hotel in NOLA...the trip here was uneventful, thankfully!! Went to the quarter last night and had a great time, as always!! Right now we are just resting up for tonite, ha ha.

We ran into a "Mardi Gras Virgin" last night and had to give him a lesson on the proper bartering for beads....I think I have a pic, I'll check later and try to get some posted. Got some good beads!!

On the job front, everything is in place. Just wating for a couple of revisions on my contract and then it will be finalized. My TX license went through without any issues and housing is set up and ready to go.