Monday, July 11, 2005

The Recent Drama

I thought that the reasons for my going into travel nursing was to get as far away from the drama as possible. Well...somehow it isn't working. The past several weeks have been interesting to say the least. On June 23rd I received a note on my apartment door that my company had three days to pay my rent. Now, call me niave but I thought that since my company was taking money out of my weekly checks for housing that the housing cost's were actually being taken care of....silly me!! So, I contacted my company and they assured me that the issue was being taken care of and the rent was being sent federal express to the apartment complex. End of story....right?

Not quite...around the 2nd of July I recieved a letter from the court that the apartment complex is taking my company to court and is giving me a notice to vacate the premises. Again I phoned my company and this time they played stupid...claiming ignorance of the subject. I filled them in and forwarded a copy of the court paperwork to them and again was assured tthat the issue would be resolved promptly.

Here I sit almost a week later and I still dont know if I'm going to get escorted out of my apartment due to an eviction. I have been mulling it over in my mind and am not sure what path I should take in the matter.

Option #1 Hang out here and hope that the company pays the rent so that I dont get evicted or hope that I can finish my assignment prior to being evicted.

Option #2 Find another assignment in the Socal area and move into a new apartment and start a new contract, extending my time here in California by about 6-7 weeks.

Option #3 Tuck my tail between my legs and run home crying to "daddy"

I am planning to make some phone calls this morning and find out what is transpiring on the side of my company and see if they have yet to pay the rent. I have consulted with an attorney (or tried to) and going to try again tomorrow to get ahold of her to determine my best recourse. I would like to make this company "pay" for the undue stress that they have caused me and my family but of course....the good guy doesn't always win like they say. So....sitting and waiting....

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