Sunday, August 07, 2005

Corey, Aco and Me on the Road

Yes...Corey had to make the drive with me from San Diego....all the way across the country to Coryon Indiana!! I thought he was going to have a bitch-fit about it, but he was actually ok with it. It proved to be a great time. I dont know what Corey would say about the trip but overall it was very nice. Corey and I had some very interesting conversations to pass the road time....everything from evolution to education to people and culture. I really enjoy his company and he is awesome to talk to...he has an opinion and a theory to everything!! And of course, Mom is always WRONG!! Ha Ha After the first day on the road Aco decided that she would just sleep her time away and was an angel for the rest of the trip.

We spent our first night on the road and drove through Las Vegas. We took a slight detour and cruised along "The Strip". I think Corey was impressed with the vastness and the archetecture of the hotels/casinos! I offered to stop and explore but Corey was anxious to keep going and get home! We had a difficult time finding a hotel but finally around 4am we found a dumpy hotel about 10 winding miles into the desert off the highway. When we walked out of the hotel to start our second day on the road I think all the skin on our bodies began to melt!! It was about 110 degrees in the shade. After the great weather in San Diego, this was a shock to our systems!!

The second night was spent in Colorado...Glenwood Springs. Paid too much (again) for a dumpy old family hotel. But a good nights sleep was had by all of us and I got to enjoy the outdoor hot tub all by myself!! Sooooo relaxing!!

The drive from Glenwood Springs to Denver was beautiful although at one point I wasn't sure that my Explorer was going to make it up the mountain!! Past Denver things got really boring...the landscape is plain and blah!! Corey and Aco slept for the rest of Colorado and through most of Kansas! We did see a buffalo herd in Kansas somewhere along the highway.

The rest of the trip went very quick...Missouri....Illionis....then to Corydon. I ended up spending the first night in Corydon alone. This was really nice...funny how being alone is a treat sometimes!!

So...Corey is currently in Corydon with Jason. I am in Kendallville, enjoying the solitude of my own apartment. Trinity has visited me once when I first arrived in town and we are going to Rick's moms tomorrow for a cook-out. I have been told that Rick isn't going to be there so hopefully it will be an enjoyable day. I am trying to find work here as my next position (oh yeah..signed an 8 week contract in Cincinnait) doesnt' start untill Aug 22nd. I did receive my Ohio license in the mail Friday so I am hoping that maybe I can start a week early...will know more on Monday!

Guess that's enough for eyes are getting buggy and my @$$ hurts!! I will try to post more soon!

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