Sunday, August 07, 2005

San Diego Saga...The End

Sadly but true... I am no longer in San Diego. I finally made the decision to leave and although it was a difficult one, I think it was finally time. For a brief update...the company never did pay my rent...I was going to be "forcefully evicted" on August 1st if not out I put Trinity on a plane home on July 27th and packed my stuff and drove outta town on July 29th. I really liked San Diego and hope to return for another assignment sometime. It would be nice to experience the city without the stress I endured this time.

Trinity and I did get a few more things completed on our "to-do" list prior to her flying home. We made it to Sea World. We spent the day there with Phillip (another traveler) rode all the rides (Trinity rode her first roller coaster), saw all the shows and enjoyed the day exploring and laughing and eating poorly!! Trinity got to go Boogy=boarding....she had a blast! We never did get to Old Town. Guess we'll have to save that for the return trip. We spent a glorious day on Coronado Island. Rode the ferry over (which in my opinion was the best part of the trip). When we arrived on the island we rented a bench seated bike...I dont remember what they're called! I have to say...dont ever do it!! Although we had fun riding around the island it was HORRIBLE to pedal!! We both had sore legs when we finished!! I have some pictures that I would love to share but for some reason I cant get them to post...I will try later.

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