Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina...gas prices soar

The news seems to be focused on the economical impact that Hurricane Katrina is going to have on things like our gas prices. Does it really matter that you might have to pay over $3/gal for gas when there are hundreds of thousands of people homeless....jobless....hungry.....grieving over lost/dead family members?? I am so angry right now at AMERICA!!! I would pay $20/gal for gas if this didn't have to happen to these fellow citizens!! It makes me ashamed to be an American when the media focuses on the economical factors!!! Come on people....lets just be thankful that we have our families. I can still tell my children "I love You"...I can still hug my Grandma.... I have a roof over my head and electricity and air-conditioning!! I am able to go to the sink and have a DRINK of WATER!!!! How many of the 1.5 million residents in New Orleans can say these same things? I am appalled by the conditions that I have heard are occuring in the Superdome!! I cant understand WHY my government has not gotten those people OUT!! Somewhere....Anywhere!!! I'm sure that they would be happier standing in the middle of a barren field with port-a-potties and fresh water..... I cant imagine what these people have lived through over the last 24-48's not about the almighty dollar, but the human factor!! So, please friends, family and AMERICA...dont gripe when you have to pay 30% more for your gas or groceries or heat in the winter!! Instead count yourself blessed that you have a car to put gas into...a job to drive that car to....a family to come home to and sit down to dinner with...

Just another thought...if we cant get to New Orleans by land, why not go by sea?

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