Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cause #44cxxxxxx

For those of you that haven't read my AOL journal....you will be lost. Sorry. I talked to my attorney today and scheduled an appointment to meet with him while I am home over Christmas...what a great way to spend the time that I am supposed to be spending with my daughter that my ex states I am not spending!! Irony? So, I am mailing out the retainer tomorrow and hopefully the court date can be moved to a later date...the later the better!! My attorney has not gotten my initial letter that I mailed on Monday...bet he'll re-think his decision to represent me? So, I am looking forward to hearing what he has in mind for a counter-petition. I'll keep you posted...

On the note of my physical endeavers...I am continuing to do well. I did another hour today but for some reason this was much more difficult today than yesterday. I had a long work day today, so I'll attribute it to that and plug away again tomorrow.

Looking forward to Saturday. I am going to a christmas party with Walter (we met camping in New Hampshire over the summer). Good group of people to party with. It should be a great time. Not a boring office party!! Work is trying to get together a "Yankee Swap" but fortunately for me, it's scheduled for the same day that I am leaving for Kendallville!! Did I mention that my friend from Louisville, Randall, is picking me up at the airport in Indianapolis and driving me to Kendallville? If not...now you know. I am looking forward to seeing him as we havn't seen each other since I left in June. It is always good to connect will old friends!!

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