Thursday, December 30, 2004

The explorer goes for surgery...

Yep!! Surgery!! Had a little fender bender today. Was attempting to turn left and the guy behind me smashed into my drivers side front...I dont know how he managed this!! I guess he was trying to pass me on the left as I was turning and didn't realize that I was turning...yes, I had my turn signal on!! I'm ok, and he seemed to be fine too...didn't complain of any pain or anything....just the poor poor Explorer. This is gonna cost me....between the deductable and the rising insurance rate...going to be fun...NOT So, I'm supposed to get a rental tomorrow morning...I hope they come through because I am also supposed to be working tomorrow and need a car!! The tow truck is going to pick her up at Noon.... I really dont want to drive her, although I probably could. I dont have a drivers side mirror and something is making a weird sound in the front end

It's been a busy week back at work and I still didn't make that call to my attorney...will do it tomorrow, I promise!! I am narrowing down my choices for my next assignment and trying to stick with the January 17th deadline that I set.

I decided that I am too broke to venture to New York for New Year's so I think that I am going to go into Boston and see what "First Night" is like there...looks like it could be fun and the weather is going to be the 50's I think. I'll let you know how it turns out... Edited 1/1/05 Decided to spend New Years in this year and sipped coffee and talked on the phone with my daughter in Indiana to bring in the New Year...


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