Saturday, December 03, 2011

Feeling Sorry For Myself in Providence

17.07.2011 - 27.10.2011 

So, I really want to get to where things are today and my upcoming plans...... But, first things first! Providence! Providence was interesting. On arrival at the location of my new apartment I was a bit, ok I was a lot intimidated. It's a very run-down neighborhood and didn't appear to be a safe part of the city.

I went ahead and took a peek at the apartment, was reassured by the maintenance guy that it's a safe place and fell in love with the loft type apartment. It was beautiful. If only it was in a different part of town.... Trinity helped me settle in and we explored the city a little. We were both worn out from the road trip and decided that neither of us was up for a whole lot of exploring. Too soon, she had to leave and I started work.

 Working at Providence VA was a great experience. The crew there is awesome! Love those nurses and will miss all of them. Unfortunately, I was working 8 hour night shifts and hated them. I used to having several days a week off to go explore and I was just exhausted working 5 days a week. So, I didn't do hardly anything of note during my time in's sad, there is so much to see and do in the area that I feel like I truly missed out. (Insert feeling sorry for myself, here)

I did meet some great people and feel like I made some life-time friends so all is not lost. Thanks to the crew at Providence for all the fun after work drinks and making me feel welcome.

If your interested, there are a few Providence pictures HERE

 - Quatro Fromagio Pizza at 0200
 - My Loft Apartment
 - The Night Shift Crew!!
 - Afterwork Drinks!

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