Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sharing the Windy City

Being a Travel Nurse is a ton of fun.  The ability to travel to new cities and live there as a local is the draw that kept me traveling for the last 7 years.  The best part, however is being able to share the new city with others.  This weekend, I got to share the city with my daughter; Trinity. 

We braved temperatures in the teens, bundled up like little snowmen and went out to explore the city.  The 'cloud gate', State street lights, watched the ice skaters, and of course I drank lots of coffee. 

I've been able to intice Trinity to enjoy the theater and we saw one of the most interesting performances that I think I've seen to date.  "Let My People Come".

 This play was originally performed in NYC in the '70's and was controversial at that time.  Wow....I can see why!  It was an amazing exploration of sexuality, both personal and societal .   I can only imagine how this was accepted (or not) in the '70's when the general public was pretty prudish when it comes to sexuality, nudity, and alternative life-styles.  It was raw, vulgar, emotional, and engaging.  If you can step outside of societies boundaries and go with an open's eye-opening.

The train ride back home was nearly as engaging as the play.  Between the drunk blond that everyone was afraid was going to hurl on the train, the old black man screaming about "I paid $45 dollar for a cheesecake", the egotistical romeo sitting behind us, and the banter between the other sober passengers; it was a riot.  I think I laughed nearly as much on the ride home as I did during the play; maybe more.
There is an improv show somewhere here in Chicago that I had read about the is based on personal experiences on the  "L".  It sounded interesting before this engaging trip but now I think it's a must see while here in the city.  (Remind me to put this on my 'to-do' list).

Livin' life and enjoying Chicago....

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